Mission Statement:

The Fancy Factory School of Beauty &
Confidence seeks to cultivate confidence, beauty care, pageantry,
modeling, etiquette and life skills for young ladies and women
across the DFW metroplex and beyond.


The Fancy Factory School of Beauty &
Confidence seeks to enhance, impact and elevate young ladies
and women locally and abroad, by providing instruction, training
and development, as well as opportunities for real-life
experiences and application. As a young girl growing up I did not
have the knowledge on what it means to be confident. I was
always uncomfortable in my skin. What I have learned is that
confidence is best cultivated early in life, in the likeness of
becoming a well-rounded individual in today’s world. What that
translates to is facing life with a plan and taking the initiative to
make your mark in society. I did not understand that until I
became an adult. Now we have the opportunity to share that
knowledge to our communities to empower and build efficacy
among our youth and women. Now this is us as a team, Beauty
and Confidence.


Young Ladies & Woman 12 & up