(non-Profit) School Team

As a woman who has always had a myriad of supporters to uplift me I learned early on that this was a gift that not every woman receives in their lifetime. So from this notion came my passion and my vision to be just what those women were missing. As founder and owner of the beauty organization Fabulously Fancy, my team and I dreamt of creating an organization that not only perpetuated physical outer beauty, but simultaneous taught women that they were more than their hips and curves, more than their eyes and lips; but that they possessed something no other could take away from them – their inner beauty… their heart.

In order to accomplish what I endeavor, I initially had to get to the root of the problem faced by many of these young women – their confidence level. You know that belief that “I Can”, “I Will”, “I Must”. The ideal that is engrained in many by their maternal and paternal figures, whomever they may be. But I also had to come to terms with the fact that not everyone had these personages in their lives to help to evolve into “Women of Worth”. So I laid the platform to assist in initially being someone who cares, listens, encourages, builds up that depleted confidence, and also embrace that inner beauty.

                                                Fancy Spa Team